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Energise and clear your practice space with this 100ml Misting spray designed to clean and clear!


Made from Pure Sage, Pure Lavender and Pure White Lotus Essential Oils suspended in Shungite Water.


Keeping your practice space clear of negative energy is so important. This space (and other spaces that you inhabit) are no different energetically than we are. They get under the weather, get filled with the energy of arguments, illness, dysfunctional behaviours and of course the lower vibrational attachments that seem to find their way into our environment and that can drain your energy, finances and mood so quickly. 


This spray has been developed as an alternative to burning smudging sticks in the places. This spray can also be used for your yoga mat, your home , car  or work. The spray can be used in any area (give your bed a spray too as this is one spot that all sorts of negative energy can stagnate!)


I use this spray to clear and lift the energy on my mat and in my practice space and mat before and after practice! 


Shake Well Before Use.  


Blended here in Aotearoa New Zealand from Aotearoa New Zealand and imported ingredients

Yogi's Joy - to clean and clear your practice space!

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