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Try two weeks on us!

Do you have very little or no experience of ashtanga yoga?

Then this course is for you!

We are offering a two week introductory trial for free for you to come and try this traditional and beautiful yoga practice.

We ask that you come with an open mind and commit to attending at least three sessions per week.

Useful information for beginners!

  • We provide yoga mats if you don't have one

  • Wear comfy clothes and expect to get a bit warm

  • Don't eat too much before class - yoga on an empty stomach is best!

  • We have changing/bathroom facilities

  • Plan for each session to take between 60 and 90 minutes 

  • Bookings essential!

  • And yes ... this offer is suitable to all bodies of any age, shape and size!



Text 0274166974 or email

Buddhi WHITE 2020 FINAL V SMALL.png
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