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All our timetabled yoga classes are taught using a traditional method often called 'Mysore' style. Named after the city in India that it originated from, the 'Mysore' method is an effective way to learn and practice yoga.  Using this method the practice is taylored to suit your body, energy and breathe. 



We also hold meditation classes. These are taught using a variety of formats dependent on the teacher.



There are set times where the shala (yoga space) is also available for self-practice (yoga and meditation).  Self practice is not recomended for beginners (as you need a teacher to show you what to do first!)  


If you have some experience in yoga and/or meditation and want to self-practice then please purchase either a monthly pass or a self practice concession card. 



To come to yoga and/or meditation classes you can either pay for just one class (drop in pass) or buy a concession class card (10x classes) or a monthly pass (monthly passes) enable you to practice as much as you like for the calendar month).

If you are a gold card holder, student or without a fulltime wage then you can use the UNWAGED option OR if you are wanting to offer a little more koha to the shala then please use the EXTRA KOHA option.


If you are new, then you can purchase a beginner pass at a cheaper rate for your first ten timetabled classes (yoga and meditation). 

Beginners are welcome in all timetabled yoga and meditation classes. Visit our beginner page for information specific to beginners.

Email or text 0274166974 to ask any questions or book your first class.

Buddhi WHITE 2020 FINAL V SMALL.png
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