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Vandi Oil 50ml


Contains: Blue Lotus Essential Oil - White Lotus Essential Oil - in a Pure Golden Organic Jojoba Base


Scent- intoxicating - sweet - heady - clean Specifically created for men, but very often borrowed by women.


With a base of blue and white lotus, the oils have a calming effect, with the added bonus of strong aphrodisiac properties. The effects seem to be very clear with a soft euphoria, inner giddiness & calm.  Slightly cannabinoid-like properties (similar to Cannabidiol), almost opiating without any body dysphoria or addictive qualities.


Within Egyptian history, it is documented that priests would steep the Blue Lotus flowers in wine and harness its narcotic and hallucinogenic properties in their rituals to reach a state of ecstasy. The flower's naturally occurring apomorphine, nuciferine, and nornufcferine are what give it hallucinogenic properties.


Vandi oil is described by it's creator (Penny Green) as The Bridge, due to its ability to clarify thinking and act almost as meditation oil.


When life gets too confusing or you feel that the decisions are getting too difficult this oil will assist in showing you the way.


See also Jodo Oil.

Vandi Oil Blend - for clarity & meditation

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