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Built to last!


This mat is the baby brother of the legendary PRO® 6mm. It's a mid-sized yoga mat offering cushioning and comfort while remaining portable.


Dimensions: 1.8 kg; 180 cm x 61 cm; 4.7 mm thick


The PROLite® will never wear out, guaranteed. If you do perspire a lot during your practice then we suggest using a traditional Indian cotton mat or yoga towel on your mat.


Limited Edition colours (e.g. Espresso & Maka & Larkspur) are more expensive than standard colours.


Some people find they have to break their PROLite® mat in for several weeks until the grip is established -To speed up the break-in period use the Salt Scrub Method.

Manduka Pro Lite 4.7mm

SKU: 36523641234523
  • •  1.8 kg; 180 cm x 61 cm; 4.7 mm thick
    •  High performance in a lightweight form 
    •  Superior wear and longevity backed by a Lifetime Guarantee
    •  Closed-cell surface to keep moisture and sweat from seeping into the mat and breeding bacteria (ideal for hot yoga)
    •  High-density cushion for unparalleled experience, joint protection, and versatility on any surface (carpet, cement, hardwood floors)
    •  Fabric-like surface finish for optimal movement between poses
    •  Sustainable engineering ensures high quality material will not peel, flake or fade. Product improves with use over time
    •  Proprietary dot pattern bottom to resist sliding
    •  OEKO-TEX certified, emissions-free manufacturing
    •  100% latex free

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