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Eco-Friendly Lunar Yoga Mat is crafted from sustainable PU material, this yoga mat not only aligns with your commitment to the environment but also provides a non-slip surface for both wet and dry conditions.


The 4.5mm thickness provides a plush, supportive surface for your joints, ensuring that every pose is executed with ease. Embrace the celestial beauty beneath you with the Lunar Yoga Mat and elevate your yoga experience to new heights.


- Complimentary carry strap included
- Length: 185cm | Width: 68cm
- Thickness: 4mm
- Extra long and wide for more space
- Non-slip for dry and sweaty sessions, no towel needed
- Always lays flat, will never slide or bunch up
- Antimicrobial, easy to care for and keep clean
- Made from biodegradable polyurethane and natural rubber
- Zero PVCs and harmful chemicals
- 100% vegan product

Lunar Yoga Mat

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