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Jodo Oil 50ml


Contains: Blue Lotus Essential Oil - White Lotus Essential Oil - Vetiver Essential Oil - in a Golden Organic Jojoba Base 


Specifically created for men, but very often borrowed by women.  With a base of Blue and White Lotus,  the oils have a calming effect, with the added bonus of strong aphrodisiac properties.


The effects of Blue Lotus especially seem to be very clear with a soft euphoria, inner giddiness & calm. Slightly cannabinoid-like properties, almost opiating without any body dysphoria or addictive qualities. Gently floaty, uplifting and heavenly.


JODO with the Lotus base has Vetiver Oil added. It has the name of 'the Earth' due to its grounding capabilities. This oil acts as a sedative to calm the body and Spirit. It has the ability to empty the mind completely of all the chaos and just allow some peaceful downtime. It leaves you feeling grounded and at ease with the world. 


The positive properties of these oils are lengthy but all enjoyable and very much work as spiritual assistance for our men.  The smell is like nothing else, deep and rich, you can never get enough of it.

Jodo Oil Blend - for grounding and inner calm

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