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Flame - The Scent of High Vibration. 


Flame has been created to neutralise negative energy and replace the space within your environment with some of the highest vibrating energy available, the energy of natural essential oils. You will instantly feel the positive change as your energy soars, your mood lifts and the antioxidant benefits of these essential oils work to enhance your environment. The stunning fragrance of these all-natural healing oils alone is enough to brighten your day.


The negative energy we encounter in every day life tends to drag us down, impacting our love of life, our mental wellbeing and especially our general health. Negative energy is not only created through the ways that are obvious, today we live in a world of heavy Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Wireless Radiation Energy that continuously impacts us. Something we can do little to avoid. When you look at the effects EMF’s and Wireless Radiation have on immune system suppression, blood cell functions and health and cellular communication, the need for remedy’s becomes an important issue for us all. Protection through essential oils helps nourish and support the body and mind during these times of Environmental and Spiritual Stress.


Flame is available in 200ml ready to use misting botttles. Shake Before Use. 


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