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Fabulous travel mat! Super lightweight at only 800gms.  This purpose designed, lightweight travel mat can be rolled or folded to fit into any size bag.


Made from 100% natural tree rubber that provides exceptional grip.


- 1825mm x 610mm x 1mm thick

- Foldable and rollable

- 100% natural tree rubber

- Super lightweight at 800gms

- Contains no AZO dyes or glue

- Polyester mesh stops mat stretching

- Do not leave in direct sunlight


The Tribe Wanderer travel mat is is a natural yoga mat made from sustainably harvested tree rubber, and manufactured with the environment and sustainability front and centre of its materials and manufacturing process:

- 100% natural tapped tree rubber

- No AZO dyes or glue

- Non-toxic, chlorine free, & no heavy metal components

- Zero waste manufacturing

- Manufactured to EU RoHS standards and Kyoto Protocol environmental standards

- Green production concept based on clean process, in addition to controlled measures of air, water, waste, toxicant, and noise

Travel Mat - Tribe Wanderer

Colour: Marbled Blue
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