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Helpful Pointers - getting the most out of practice



Come to class with an empty or near empty stomach. Best not to eat anything heavy for at least two hours before practice.  If you do eat before class then something light (such as fruit) is best. 


Try not to drink water during your practice. Afterwards is better.

Mat & attire

The room will be warm (not cold or hot). Wear cool comfortable clothing that will not distract you (or others!). We do have a few mats available for use, but if you have a mat then please bring it.


Shower before practice and come to class clean. 



Refrain from wearing any strong smelling perfumes or deodorants.  These can be distracting for others. 


It is not selfish to invest in your own personal growth and wellbeing - this can only benefit those around you. Once you commit then honour yourself and make coming to class a priority.  If you do miss class, then be kind to yourself.  Come to the next class with fresh focus and commitment. 

Menstrual & other cycles

Refrain from strong practice (and engagement of bundas) during the heaviest days of your menstrual cycle.  Sit, breathe, take rest instead. Try and observe your personal rhythms and energetic cycles and move with these (rather than maintain rigid practice).


Take responsibility for your account and settle before the first class. Your practice will benefit from a clear conscience. 

Pain & injury

We work to slowly and gently open the body (rather than by force!). Patience is helpful.  If you are injured or experience pain, then tell us so we can work together in a gentle healing way.


If you prefer not to be touched or adjusted at all or on any given day, then tell us so we can respect your preference.  



If you are (or think you might be) pregnant, then let your teacher know. We can help you adjust and maintain your practice through pregnancy. 

Minimising distractions

We try to minimise distractions to help the journey inward.  Ashtanga is 99% practice and 1% theory - meaning the aim is to practice way more than talk about our practice.  You can help others by observing quietness in the practice space. Try and cultivate your practice in such a way that your focus stays on your own mat.  Be kind to yourself with this - it becomes easier with time.  


Some classes have one or sometimes two 'scholarship' spaces available upon application (and where necessary a wait list system). Strict rules apply. If you are experiencing true financial hardship that prevents you from practice then please apply.  Scholarships are granted for one term.  Re-applications are accepted.

Buddhi WHITE 2020 FINAL V SMALL.png