Great as a good energy gift! 


Great for self healing.  The soak can be used in a bath or as a foot soak, just coming into contact with it alleviates so much. The salts allow the releasing of negative energy, the baking soda clears and cleans the aura, and the oils and rose petals, well they take care of so much in the way of healing its staggering. 

A mindful gift for you or those that are in stressful jobs, that are in need of some relief from the negative energy of everyday life. This product is simply beautiful in scent, feel and outcomes


Available in 275 gram glass jars suitable for between 2-4 baths / footsoaks depending on usage.

Soul soak

  • Essential oils can be used and enjoyed in a variety of ways. 

    • Adding a few drops to an oil diffuser or burner.
    • Inhalation 
    • Adding a few drops to the bath or foot soak
    • Adding a few drops to a suitable carrier oil and applying to the body.  Always avoiding the genital and sinus areas.  We recommend applying a small amount first to test for any sensitivity 
    • We do not encourage the ingestion of Essential Oils. 

    Magnesium Sulphate 

    Himalayan Pink Salt

    Baking Soda

    Golden Organic Jojoba Oil 

    Rose Otto Essential Oil 

    Helichrysum italicum Essential Oil 

    Franincense serrata Essential Oil 

    Rose Petals 

Mt Maunganui, Aotearoa New Zealand