Organic Jute!


Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm x 5mm thickness


Weight: 1.5kg


100% Eco-friendly organic jute mat.


Yogatribe Premium Mat is made from Jute ( Natural fibre from a plant) 

& Per ( Polymer Environmental Resin)


Latex free, non-toxic, phthalates free, metal free!


Non-slip gripping surface, extra durable & AWESOME all together!!!!!

Organic Jute YogaTribe 100% Eco Yoga Mat - Metatron

Colour & Design Options
  • METATRON: It contains every form that exists within the universe. The map of creation combines the triangle and inverted triangle within itself that represents the masculine and the feminine within all of us. The arrow again reminds us of how life will make usconstantly go back with difficulties, but whenever our goal is to choose love and find our center ... like a bow and arrow together, you will find that power and strength toaim at your goal.


    PEACE WARRIOR: Created especially for those peaceful warriors who do not have many opportunities to have something suitable for their height, for their power, for the great man and those tall women, or Ashtanga practitioners who need a great mat to practice with our beautiful BOW & ARROW, combining geometry of different tribes around the world and our classic arrow to support Your practice.