Mysore Style Classes (All levels)


Taught in the traditional Mysore style (named after the Southern Indian city of Mysore).  


This is the traditional and most effective method for learning Ashtanga Yoga.   


Mysore style classes are perfect for beginners.  Beginners please come at 9.45am for morning classes and 5pm for Evening classes.


Pick a class and book your spot for the term.


These classes are suitable for all body types, shapes and sizes including those rehabilitating or with injuries.

Mysore Style Classes (All levels)

  • Drop ins (by appointment): $20 (non pass holders) $15 (existing passholders)

    Mon 4.45pm Term 2 pass (starts 3 May): $150

    Tues 9.30am Term 2 pass (starts 4 May): $150

    Wed 4.45pm Term 2 pass (starts 5 May): $150

    Thurs 9.30am Term 2 pass (starts 6 May): $150