Pick a class and book your spot for the whole term ($150) or buy a Ten Class Pass ($150). Ten Class Passes can be used for all timetabled classes.  Drop in passes are also available ($20).


If you are under 20 years of age then you can buy a teen ten class pass ($100) to attend any (adult) classes.


Mysore Style Classes

Most of our classes are taught Mysore style (named after the Southern Indian city of Mysore).  This is the traditional and most effective method for learning Ashtanga Yoga.   


Mysore style classes are good for any body and perfect for beginners.  Mysore style classes are suitable for all body types, shapes and sizes including those rehabilitating or with injuries.


Led Classes

We also teach two talk through classes each week. In these classes we move and breathe in unison. Starting with surya namaskāra (sun salutations) we work to develop internal focus through standing āsana (postures) and some seated asana of the Ashtanga Yoga series.  In these classes we also explore the breathe and ways to apply our yoga practice to life off the mat.


Led classes are designed to complement Mysore style practice and are not suitable for those rehabilitating or with injuries – better to come to Mysore style classes.


Wednesdays class (Wednesdays 6.30-7.30pm) is the lite version - slower paced and shorter - better for beginners / newer students!  Monday nights are longer and physically more demanding (Mondays 6.30pm-7.45pm).




Class Passes (All levels) (Adult Passes)