9.30-11.30ish Sunday May 29th.


With Rika.


This mini workshop is designed to take you deeper into your practice. Starting with a half primary led class, we will explore asana and breathe and some of the fundamental aspects of yoga (including bandhas, breathe and drishti).  


We will pay special attention to the internal work of the practice -  breathe, bandhas, still mind, feeling the body from the inside, keeping the focus moment to moment....


After practice we will spend time exploring the practice more deeply through a discussion that may traverse topics such as bahkti (devotion), the ashtanga (eight limbs) system, Patanjali's yoga sutra, and the overall meaning and purpose of yoga for life on and off the mat. 


There will be an opportunity to ask questions and we will finish with a cup of tea! 


Limited numbers. Bookings essential.

Going deeper into your practice - Workshop (29 May)