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Friday evening - 5th July 2024

4.30pm - 6.30pm ish


Great for newer and experienced students alike. 


This will be a real treat - a traditional Ashtanga led class (with Rika), a little seated meditation (guided by one of our own meditation gurus, Rob) and a talk (with Rika). Have all your yoga questions answered, learn a little more about the philosophy of yoga and about the transformative aspect of yoga - on and off the mat.

Led classes are great for everyone!  Good for newer students as a way to explore the practice, deepen understanding of how the practice can flow and learn how each breath is accounted for - all in a guided and supported way.


Good for older students to tidy up and tighten up our practice. And observe points where we like to speed up or slow down!  


At the conclusion of the led class (half primary) Rob will lead us in a short seated meditation.


We will then we will have a chat. Bring any questions! 


Limited numbers. Bookings essential.

Led Class, Meditation & Talk (Friday 5th July 4.30-6.30pm)

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