A special yogi blend!


Great as a good energy gift! 


A combination of Pure Frankincense and Patchouli Essential Oils. This is a magical mix that can be used in a diffuser or added to massage or a carrier oil for the body.  


Both of these oils are known for there ability to reduce anxiety, stimulate the immune system and invigorate the respiratory system as well as having many more health benefits within there properties. 


'Franchouli' , when used in a diffuser will help eliminate surface and airborne bacteria and all the while this wonderful natural elimination filling your home or business space with the most divine aroma. 


The word Patchouli is even derived form the Hindi word Pacholi which means ' to scent' and its blend with Frankincense is uplifting.  


Patchouli with its warm, spicy, musky and very sensuous tones naturally partnering with the woody, earthy and comforting fragrance of Frankincense.


Franchouli is my favourite essential oil blend - I use it to help uplift the energy in my house - a couple of drops in a bucket of water when I am cleaning or in my diffuser.




Franchouli - essential oil blend

  • Whilst this blend is specifically designed for people to use as a diffuser oil, both patchouli and frankincense have compounds and properties beneficial to our bodies and mind when applied topically as a massage. If you are going to use Franchouli topically please blend with a good quality carrier oil such as Golden Organic Jojoba Oil.

    Always patch test before using any essential oil