Organic Jute!


Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm x 5mm thickness


Weight: 1.5kg


100% Eco-friendly organic jute mat.


Yogatribe Premium Mat is made from Jute ( Natural fibre from a plant) 

& Per ( Polymer Environmental Resin)


Latex free, non-toxic, phthalates free, metal free!


Non-slip gripping surface, extra durable & AWESOME all together!!!!!

Jute Organic YogaTribe 100% Eco Yoga Mat - Flower of Life

Colour & Design Options
  • FLOWER OF LIFE: also known as “ the seed of life” it was our first design. The flowerof life, a sacred geometry graphic element that invites you to be rooted, to return home at the beginning of your yoga practice with the idea of the beginning ofeverything ... we start and finish at the same point, a reminder that we are allconnected.

    From there you begin your practice and you will receive the support of our strong tribal element “ the arrow ”, which will not only support you with the alignment during the whole process of your practice, but also encourage you to go ahead and continue on it... As you point to LOVE, you know you’ll get to a good end..