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Elementals Feminine Balance Salve-  A soft and deep aromatic balm for the use of calming and relaxing menstruation pains.


This balm is made with 100% natural organic ingredients, an infusion of Kohekohe/Dysoxylum Spectabile in olive and sweet almond oils, Manuka bees wax and scented with healing essences of Ylang ylang and lavender. 


These balms have been made following the ethical and spiritual protocols of Rongoā Māori. 


Rongoā Māori herbal remedies, practice and follow guidelines to produce the ultimate benefits of the plants essential healing properties in a sustainable and safe manner.


Mauri oho, Mauri tu, Mauri Ora, Ki a Tatou….

Life force awaken, Life force stand tall, Life force all wellness, Good Health for all…

Femine Balance Balm (in accordance with Rongoā Māori)

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