9 - 11ish Sunday 19th June 2022.


With Tania.


Join us on Sunday 5th June to explore the fundamentals of sirsasana (headstand).


Facilitated by Tania Hanna, this workshop provides a special one off opportunity to explore more deeply sirsasana, one of the universal asana / postures that are part of the finishing sequence of the ashtanga practice.


We will look at ways to gain internal strength, flexibility and confidence. And enjoy the opportunity to practice sirsasana (with guidance!).  There will be plenty of preparation and tips for you to practice into your headstand.


A quick note that if you have neck issues or injuries then this mini workshop is not recommended for you.


To end the session we will do a variation of salamba savangasana (shoulder stand), to rebalance our bodies and to tone the vagus nerve, and finally a long and soothing yoga nidra to help us slow the mind and move inward.


... And a cup of tea to finish!


Limited numbers. Bookings essential.


(Image - Krishnamacharya age 84 in Śīrṣāsana)

Sirsasana (Headstand) Workshop (19th June)