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We practice and teach a moving meditation that links a series of postures (asana) in a continuous flow with the rhythm of breath. Through practice of breathing, postures (asanas), and gazing point (drishti), we gain control of our senses and develop deep awareness of ourselves.


Steadiness of body and mind can be acquired through practice with regularity and devotion.  When practiced in this way it is possible to energise, purify, and strengthen the energetic and physical system. We can gradually rediscover our full potential on all levels of human consciousness - physical, psychological and spiritual.  


At first glance our practice may look purely physical. But it is deeply spiritual and rooted in traditions that are more than one thousand years old.  


The word 'Shala' in the Sanskrit language means 'home'.  Our Shala is a place of practice aligned with the sutra of Patanjali and in the tradition of Ashtanga. "Ashtanga" literally means eight limbs.  Patanjali described these as: Yama (abstinences), Niyama (Observances), Asana (Postures), Pranayama (Breath Control), Pratyahara (Sense withdrawal), Dharana (Concentration), Dhyana (Meditation), and Samadhi (Contemplation).   



Due to limited space we are prioritising space to practicing members of our community. If you wish to practice with us then please do get in touch - this situation will not last forever!  We will at very least add you to our waiting list.  Kia Kaha Aotearoa New Zealand. With love and gratitude. 

Existing practitioners & members of the Buddhi practice community please click here for gathering timings!


Text 0274166974 or email or book online


Ten Pass: $150

Use this pass to attend any ten teacher guided Mysore style classes. Expires twelve months from purchase.

Drop-in Pass: $20

Drop in for a single practice / class.

All Class Term Pass: $450 for the term ($45 per week)

Attend all or any timetabled Mysore style classes for the term (with this pass you can attend 6 classes per week and it will cost just $7.50 per class!).


Early Morning Term Pass: $200 for the term ($20 per week)

Secures your spot for all early morning self practice (Mon-Thurs) & Friday 7.30am Mysore classes for the term.

Ten Self Practice Pass: $50

Enables you to attend ten early morning self practice sessions. Expires twelve months from purchase.

Self Practice Drop in: $10

Drop in for a single self practice.

NOTE: No early morning practice or class on new or full moon! 


Teen Ten Class Pass: $100

Enables you to attend ten teen or adult classes. Useable for all teen and adult classes. Expires twelve months from purchase.

Teenager Drop in: $15

Drop in for a single class.


Payments to Buddhi Acc # 38-9006-0584108-02

Need a practice mat?


Visit Buddhi's Good Energy Shop.

Order and buy online.  Ship to home or collect from Buddhi.

Buddhi WHITE 2020 FINAL V SMALL.png
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